WATCH: Harry Styles makes a $300 music video in fans’ house with James Corden

Harry Styles and James Corden went door knocking during the latest episode of The Late Late Show to find someone willing to let them film a music video in their home.

Yeah, yeah we know, music is subjective. But if you don’t like Harry Styles, there’s undeniably something wrong with you.

That fact has become even more apparent since the most recent episode of The Late Late Show after he set was set with the task of creating a music video in a random New York apartment with a budget of $300, and a deadline of three hours.

After a couple of rejections Harry and James found a group of roommates willing to let them film in their home, who (unsurprisingly) turned out to be huge Harry Styles fans. One of them even had a casual shrine of the pop star in her bedroom.

Sit back, and enjoy the full video below.