PREMIERE: HOAX knock out another gut-wrenchingly beautiful single ‘Love So Bad’

HOAX release their second single Love So Bad: a track that dreamily encapsulates the intricate desire for love and companionship.

In an emotionally moving track, indie-pop duo HOAX crack open the headache and passion in the new single Love so Bad.

The track pulls you under a deep sea of nostalgia, swimming around flecks of golden electric guitar riffs and a honey-like serenade of vocals. Without warning, you become completely lost within its vibrations.


The Wollongong duo created HOAX to crack into the hard truths of buried scars, soaking in angelic and dreamy synths. Brenton White and Mate Jones use the rawness of a pain we are all familiar with to paint a gut-wrenching kaleidoscope of neon indie tones.

The song is saturated with electric textures dancing with the sky as the simplicity of the electric guitars grounds us back to reality. It is without question that HOAX have mastered the art of creating the “beautiful sound of sadness”. 


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One of the aims of HOAX is to create live shows that “are not just based on music but an emotive experience for their audience”. Without hearing the duo in the flesh, their work has already etched its way into my mind as the lyrics ring:

“they say time heals so why’s time standing still …. why do I need love so bad?”

The vocals melt with each word uttered, one thing HOAX understand is the value in making genuinely honest music, with lyrics that ring of rawness and emotion.


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Essentially, the Wollongong pair have managed to cut through the hoax and completely capture the desire for intimacy, companionship and love.

Much to the likeness of RUFUS and Kevin Garrett, HOAX know no limits in the reminiscent sadness they can ignite, painted with the brush of an aesthetically dreamy pop synth to soften the blow.

Love so Bad is the second release from the duo with their first Exhausted released late last year. Both tracks are ever-moving and evolving, with words that hit like hard rain drops.

HOAX promise they will continue delivering music of the same collateral beauty as they currently work on a third single Covered in Creases. 

Have a listen to HOAX’s dreamy pop synth below: