Homes in Sydney's Inner West evacuated after excavator crashed into pipe

Homes in Sydney’s Inner West evacuated after excavator crashed into pipe

An excavator crash caused a major gas leak in Sydney’s Inner West. Around 30 homes were evacuated after warnings of a potential explosion.

Yesterday, a significant gas leak in Sydney’s Inner West led to the closure of WestConnex motorway, which was undergoing construction. The gas leak began at around 12:30pm, when an excavator crashed into a major pipe line.

As a result, approximately 30 nearby homes in the suburb of Annandale were evacuated, amid fears of an impending explosion, which could be triggered by the gas leak.

Sydney's Inner West
Credit: Cannel Nine

The major pie line burst occurred at the location of a junction box, where a number of gas sources connect. Throughout the evening, firefighters and hazmat teams underwent numerous efforts to contain the leak.

Currently, they are in the process of shutting off a number of supplies at that junction, in an effort to stop the leak entirely.

As explained by Superintendent Adam Dewberry of Fire and Rescue NSW, “It was a medium to high-pressure gas vein, and we’ve had to get crews to dig up pipes in other locations so they can shut down supply.”

According to a report by the Daily Mail, the Superintendent believes occupants of the abandoned homes in Sydney’s Inner West will be able to come back once the gas has been turned off, and the pipe line has been eradicated.