Imbi the Girl’s 10 fave tracks right now: “the grooviest foundations for a good boogie”

Imbi the Girl is a soulful hip hop force taking the Sydney scene by storm. Her honest rhymes tackle tough topics like sex, drugs and femininity without knocking anybody down, because “fuck spreading negative vibes”.

Ahead of her appearance at the wonderful Wide Open Space festival, we wanted to dig a little deeper into what kind of music makes Imbi tick. Jump ahead for 10 tracks she’s digging right now, and the reasons she loves them all so much.

imbi the girl wide open space festival favourite artists

Which 10 tracks does Imbi the Girl keep on repeat? Before you catch her live, find out what kind of music she’s vibing on most.

Not About You – Haiku Hands

I cannot express how excited I am to lose my goddamn mind to this track at Wide Open Space festival. This track gives me the best energy. It pumps me full of excitement and a v strong desire to jump/dance around with no consideration of what anyone else thinks bout my moves.

It’s a feel good masterpiece. So keen to see Haiku Hands live ahhhhhhh <3

Rush Hour – Oh Boy ft. Mallrat

Not only do I rate Oh Boy extremely highly as a being in general, but listening to his music is always a good idea, plus the combination of two major talents like this couldn’t be better. His beats are wholesome and full of love, it emanates off every quirky sound he seamlessly includes in his musical tapestries.

This song is perfect for bevies w the babes, or any time really. It’s a dreamy, feel good track that you’ll almost definitely enjoy.

2000 n Something – Kaiit

There is no song I prefer to soundtrack my late night doobs by the fire. Not only does Kaiit stimulate listeners with tantalising vocals, but her lyrics are beautifully concise and resonate with me in a deep and comforting way. I could (and have) listen to this for hours on end.

Poor This Week – Scabz

I have been lucky enough to see Scabz live a couple of times and all I can say is (if you have the opportunity) you GOTTA catch em’. They are charming, self-deprecating and relatable in the most humble, humorous and witty way. It’s like a perfect combination of music and spontaneous/genuine comedy.

This track has served me very well especially when it’s 2am, I’m restless and alone in my room and need a good release of energy. I fkn love Scabz.

Good Guys Go – Cub Sport

If you like heckin’ smooth harmonies, delicious vocals and silky beats, this track is for you. Cub Sport grabbed my attention in a big way throughout the plebiscite debacle of 2k17 and have since been consistently filling me with good vibes and supplying an incredibly wholesome soundtrack to my moodier days.

I feel v grateful that they exist in the queer and music worlds.

Collide – Odette

I recently had the absolute pleasure of witnessing Odette’s live set at Gaytimes Festival and when this song was played, I won’t lie, I balled my eyes out.

Odette’s voice holds so much light and love and power and her lyrics are so eloquent, poetic and meaningful. This song has always deeply moved me and consistently continues to do so, I couldn’t recommend it more.

Make America Great Again – Pussy Riot

This track is both elegant and powerful in the best of ways. Observing the global political climate can be depressing as heck but when rebellious artists like Pussy Riot release tracks like this it reminds me that there is great power in creativity.

Like-minded people do exist, and that change is always possible if we band together and believe in ourselves.

No Other Way – Maddy Jane

It’s been a good coupla’ months since I started playing this track and I am yet to experience any symptoms of getting tired of it. I think it may forever be one of my favs.

Maddy Jane always fills me with positive energy and supplies the grooviest foundations for a good boogie!

May I Have This Dance (Remix) [feat. Chance the Rapper] – Francis and the Lights

If I feel even remotely down, this track lifts my spirits and fills me with the purest of vibes. The chorus erupts with goodness, incorporating synthie elements and cool percussive techniques that I just don’t see very often.

Then comes Chance’s verse which has gotta be one of the most wholesome verses of all time. All in all, it soothes me to my core.

Raingurl – Yaeji

This track is my go to for a pump up. Sometimes I can’t handle anything too hectic before a rowdy night out and yaeji somehow simultaneously creates mad hype in this track whilst still maintaining a cool, calm and wholesome vibe. Definitely gets me on the right frequency for a fun and funky expedition.

Imbi the Girl plays Wide Open Space festival on May 4-6. Grab your tickets here.