New iPhone 12 Pro is so expensive in India, it would be cheaper to fly to Dubai and back to buy it

Apple is known to up the prices a little every year, but this latest round of iPhone 12 releases most certainly takes the cake.

On October 13, Apple released its iPhone 12 series with four new devices, including the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro, and the iPhone 12 Pro max.

The most basic model, the 128GB iPhone 12 starts at a whopping $1,699 AUD, with its top of the line 512GB iPhone Pro max coming in at an unbelievable $2,219 AUD – all sums equivalent to a second-hand car or (in a non-COVID world) a round trip to Europe.

IPhone 12 Pro max
Photo: Apple

Apple flaunts this release as its most sophisticated and technologically superior series to date. The models are complete with environmentally sustainable materials, excellent 5G servicing, and a display that hasn’t been rivalled in the smartphone world yet. But is it really worth upwards of 2k just for a phone?

To add insult to injury, apparently, the new iPhone series is more pricey in India than other countries, and as India Today points out, it’s in fact so expensive, that someone living in India could fly to Dubai to buy a new iPhone, and then fly back to India, and still have money left over. Crazy right?

Apart from its new sleek, angular design, the iPhone 12 Pro has the biggest Super Retina display ever featured on an iPhone. It’s packed with new MagSafe wireless charging, a pro camera system with an effortless night mode capture, a ceramic shield 4x more resilient than any other on the market, and to top it off, its most revolutionary feature: the Bionic A14 chip. This new Bionic A14 is a diabolical step forward for phone technology, making phone use and activity blindingly fast.

Overall a beautiful, brilliant but exceedingly lavish display by Apple.

The iPhone 12 and the iPhone 12 Pro have already been released, but The iPhone 12 Pro Max is set to be released Nov 6. So if you feel like you’ve been hoarding all the money you would have otherwise used on travel this COVID season, perhaps you too can take a plunge into pure opulence.