Is Sony is planning to unveil PS5 gameplay next week?

Ever since the now-infamous gameplay reveal of the Xbox Series X, there has been speculation as to when the Sony PS5 would inevitably follow suit.

According to a Bloomberg report, that day could be coming as soon as next week. Sony PS5 Reveal

Could the PS5 game reveal be just around the corner? According to a report, Sony could be hosting an e-conference as soon as next week.

It’s obviously been a trying year for the gaming industry. The giants of the gaming world are accustomed to showing off their upcoming releases at expos like E3, PAX and more. As we’re all too aware, many of these events have been cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic. Therefore, any display of next-gen power will be greeted with open arms by a hungry public.

As we head into the Northern Hemisphere, conference season would usually be in full swing. For obvious reasons, 2020 will prove to be an exception to this tradition.

Microsoft has been first out of the blocks with its steady rate of Xbox Series X reveals. They got the jump on Sony, but the reviews of the gameplay reveal have hardly been unanimously positive.

So is Sony about to give us a better glimpse of the world of the PS5? Only time will tell.