Jamieson pulls apart the colourful layers behind his single, ‘More Space’

Sydney singer/songwriter, Jamieson, peels back the layers behind his single, More Space, and chats with Happy about the making of the track.

Jamieson, the indie-pop artist from Sydney, puts out his most recent release More Spaceand explains the creative process that went behind it’s creation.

A track conceptualised in the heart of 2020 lockdowns and ironically released at the beginning of the current NSW lockdowns – Jamieson oozes in creativity and imagination. Check out the track breakdown for More Space below.


Recording Keys

The track was initially written completely on piano and I still wanted to capture that vibe in some way. I think these chords create their own atmosphere behind the track.

As we started to record a rough demo version of the track we used Logic Pro’s software instrument keys and it eventually turned into more of an electric pad sound.

Recording Guitars

The acoustic guitar track follows the chord progression of the keys, whilst adding some rhythm to the track’s foundations.

If you’re a guitarist reading this, you’ll know what I mean when I say it was heavily palm muted to create more of a rhythmic feature – whilst allowing some notes to cut through.

Bass Guitar

Ultimately, I wanted the baseline to add some movement and groove to the track. Personally, it’s my favourite part of the track and from the feedback I’ve received people seem to agree.

This was recorded initially in the demo session, then producers Nick Zaharias and Robby De Sa really made it pop in the mix and stand out.


I initially recorded a very rough demo of the melodies of the song in my voice memos when I was at the piano. After some time writing lyrics, I knew the chorus needed to be super catchy and stand out so I took these demo vocals to my producer and we added stacks of layers and delay effects to really make them pop.

Additional Production

The Aforementioned producers Robby De Sa and Nick Zaharias really helped bring the song to life with loads of additional production throughout the track including electric guitar parts, drums and overall effects. In a session with Nick I even decided to add the sound of my Film camera shutter.