Jethro Lazenby’s girlfriend opens up about his cause of death

Jethro Lazenby’s girlfriend opens up about his cause of death

Jethro Lazenby’s girlfriend claimed she “wasn’t given closure” and was kept from the funeral after her boyfriend’s tragic death.

Nick Cave’s oldest son, Jethro Lazenby, was found dead in Melbourne on May 6.

Danica Conwell was the on again off again girlfriend to Jethro for six years and claimed she knew Jethro didn’t take. His own life and that the pair actually had plans to meet up that night.

During a series of social media posts as reported by the Daily Mail, Danica said she thought his death was related to his heroin use.

“Unfortunately I wasn’t invited to the funeral… His family won’t allow me closure and I really f**king need it,” she said.

“I’m not doing well with this at all and that’s what wakes are for to say goodbye, help closure on the mourning process… It’s evil to deny someone this.”

Although Lazenby’s heartbroken mother was seen remembering her son over a glass of wine with a few friends, it hasn’t been confirmed yet whether or not a formal funeral was had.

Conwell went on to talk about her ex and long-term friend’s drug use, claiming heroin “was not a big part of his life” and he “did not use every day,”

Sadly, Conwell claimed she had plans with Lazenby to have dinner that Friday night but that he had cancelled earlier in the day.

“Had things have been different we would have come together again, drank bubble tea… Why didn’t we just have dinner Friday night?”

She explained there was no way that he had taken his own life and that he “loved life”.

“Jethro was vibrant, passionate. He played piano amazingly and wrote great gothic poetry,” she said.

“He lived a fantastic life and I loved him… He had a lot to live for.”

“He was definitely more than he showed most people. He was hard to get close to… A higher being in so many ways. But his shadow plagued him.”