Jetstar teases $19 flights from Sydney to Melbourne, post lockdown

With planes grounded and borders shut, airlines have taken a major hit during the pandemic. Following refused support from the Federal Government, industry magnate Virgin Australia was even forced to enter voluntary administration a few weeks ago.

These uncertain times have had airline bosses anxious to get people back in the air. None more so than Qantas CEO Alan Joyce, who is considering flogging $19 one-way Jetstar tickets from Sydney to Melbourne, as a way to stimulate air traffic once lockdown eases.


If Alan Joyce gets his way, we could all be flying to Melbourne for less than the cost of an average Flinders Lane lunch.

With the airline’s domestic operations carved down to only 5% of their business before the pandemic, Joyce theorises that nation’s demand for domestic travel will be booming after lockdown. “On Melbourne-Sydney you could see Jetstar have $39 airfares, you could see $19 airfares and we’ll still cover our cash costs on those flights,” an explosive little fact that Joyce announced to press, considering the traditionally extortionate cost of domestic travel.

With lockdown restrictions across the nation slowly starting to ease, we could be strolling through the Laneways for the cost of an Eggs Benny in no time!

The company has yet to confirm whether Joyce’s suggestion will eventuate, or whether there will even be a demand for travel after restrictions ease.  Qantas had to park their grand plans of chartering their “Project Sunrise” non-stop flights between Australia, New York and London when lockdown first kicked off.

In the interim, our Victorian friends have been using some very *cough* creative ways to keep themselves amused while indoors.