Melbournians in self-isolation are literally just screaming at each other

Italy had gorgeous choruses of local Renaissance folk songs flowing down the streets. China had the national anthem proudly echoing through towns. What does Australia get during self-isolation? A couple of Melbourne apartment blocks screaming their guts out at each other.

In Melbourne’s defence, it may be the longest they’ve ever gone without spending $8 on a coffee and caffeine deprivation is probably starting to kick in.

Photo: u/Decepticon199 on Reddit

Hi Melbourne, it’s the rest of Australia here… You doing alright buddy?

Ah, Melbourne. Often referred to as Australia’s cultural capital. Full of art, music, overpriced lattes, and creativity. Here we see the aftereffects of its residents being informed that they can no longer leave their CBD high-rises for brunch tomorrow.

little Bourke balcony’s going off on a sat night from r/melbourne

It is unknown how or why this hell-raising screaming match began, but can be confirmed that entirety of Melbourne are leaning into vibes of collective insanity. Were they trying to summon a demon from the depths of the Yarra River? Were they trying to scream the corona away? Had they all collectively disassociated and thought they were in fact at the AFL? The rest of Australia may never know.

Perhaps they were inspired by the recent Clap For Our Carers campaign, in which UK residents applauded as a show of gratitude for NHS workers. However, unlike Melbourne’s outburst, this one was motivated by an actual point.

In true Reddit fashion, a number of videos of the event were posted and immediately went viral. Some commenters were terrified, others seized the opportunity to express their dislike of the Victorian capital.

Melbourne comments

Nonetheless, it is still very wholesome to see Aussies jumping on the bandwagon of unifying activities whilst in self-isolation, as apocalyptic as our choice of activity may be. The challenge is now on other cities to match Melbourne and hopefully produce some heartwarming content as the pandemic continues on.