Jocelyn Mettler, the face model of Abby in ‘The Last of Us Part II’, cosplays her in-game character

Meet Jocelyn Mettler, a VFX artist who worked at Naughty Dog at the time of The Last of Us Part II’s development, and the real human whose face was used for Abby Anderson.

Jocelyn Mettler is, as far as we can tell, an exceptionally lovely person. After being thrust into the public eye, she’s done a bunch of interviews regarding how her life changed after being made the face of a character that sparked a whole heap of rage.

Spoiler alert, people are trash and can be mean. If you want to avoid the ghastly anti-Abby internet hordes and instead be pleasantly wigged out, watch Mettler and and Dina (Cascina Caradonna) play a drinking game while acting nothing like their respective characters.

In news that shouldn’t surprise you, it turns out the face that was used for Abby Anderson from The Last of Us Part II absolutely crushes an Abby cosplay. Check out the full range of images on her Instagram.

She didn’t body double for Abby – that fell to professional bodybuilder Colleen Fotsch, because of course it did. No one gets big enough to tear a car apart with their bare hands without years of effort.

To wrap up, Abby was voiced by Laura Bailey, has the body of Colleen Fotsch, and the face of Jocelyn Mettler. Which means if you thought that she looked like a whole lotta women, you were right.

Feel free to check out Jocelyn Mettler’s Twitch, Insta and VFX work.


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