John Coltrane’s breakthrough 1958 recordings captured in new box set

A new box set from Craft Recordings will catalogue 12 months of John Coltrane’s early recordings, captured in 1958 during his tenure as the leader or co-leader of Prestige Records.

It follows on from a box set compiling his 1963 recordings, which released last November via Impulse! Recordings to a warm reception.

john coltrane 1958

John Coltrane’s essential 1958 recordings have been catalogued into Coltrane ’58, a new box set releasing on CD and vinyl.

Coltrane ’58 compiles all manner of recordings, from jazz standards to the first cuts of what would become Coltrane’s seminal tracks. He also offers his own takes on obscure music he rediscovered in this period.

The vinyl box set includes eight 180-gram LPs, remastered from the original analogue tapes by Paul Blakemore. The box also contains a linen-wrapped 40-page book collecting liner notes by music historian Ashley Kahn, “rare ephemera” and historical photos taken of Coltrane and his compatriots at the time.

In 1958 Coltrane was yet to become a fully-fledged bandleader, but his placement and subsequent notoriety under the likes of Miles Davis and Thelonious Monk had begun to earn the legendary musician some serious credit. This set captures the artist at his most volatile, collating the skills and styles his name would become infamously synonymous with.

Pre-order Coltrane ’58 on vinyl or CD here. Special editions featuring a unique Prestige Records tee can also be found here.