Josh Cashman unveils a woozy new cover of Missy Higgins’ ‘Scar’

There’s something immediately spellbinding about the music of Josh Cashman. Over the past number of years, the Melbourne-based singer-songwriter has carved out a sound for himself that feels equal parts intimate and far-reaching; it’s grounded in earnest folk tones, but stretches into far more exciting sonic territories.

With the release of his latest single, a cover of Missy Higgins’ Scar, Cashman continues to establish his incredible penchant for crafting immersive gems of sound. If you’re not already across this artist, now’s a perfect time to change that.

Josh Cashman

On his new single, a cover of Missy Higgins’ Scar, Melbourne singer-songwriter Josh Cashman crafts a whirlpool of indie-folk glory.

All throughout the new single, Josh Cashman glides through a hypnotic blend of folk, pop, and indie-rock, delivering something feels both familiar and fresh. With woozy, psych-tinged instrumentation and blissful pop-focused vocals, this new cover is brimming with musical charm.

Across its sprawling five-minute run-time, the song builds into something quite cathartic. Warm melodies are woven through sweeping, ethereal soundscapes, eventuating into a boundless piece of indie-folk. By the time the song reaches its conclusion, you’ll have been roped in completely by Cashman’s immersive brand of music.

This is the latest in a string of consistently great releases from Cashman, and judging by the quality of everything we’ve heard so far, I think we can safely expect plenty more great tunes. In the meantime, do yourself a favour and listen to the new single above.