Judd Apatow hints he has an “amazing” idea for a ‘Pineapple Express’ sequel

Nothing would bring us more happiness than the announcement of a sequel to the stoner comedy classic Pineapple ExpressAnd maybe our dreams might just come true after a recent interview with the director of the OG film, Judd Apatow.

Turns out a sequel isn’t completely off the cards and Apatow is keen to get the story going again in a second film, once more starring James Franco and Seth Rogan.

pineapple express

Apatow has had a storyline brewing in his mind for a sequel to his stoner masterpiece Pineapple Express since it was first released in 2008.

It was only recently in 2018 that marijuana was made legal in California – a fact which would put a bit of a halt to the drug dealing business of the main characters. But Apatow is confident that he could work the storyline around the new legalisation.

“There was so much happening with the legalisation of marijuana in California and we thought there was a funny story about how they would deal with it,” He told LADbible. “The pot dealer community having to handle the fact that suddenly it was legal.”  

The first film raked in about $100 million, so we can’t see why the second film wouldn’t get the go-ahead. And with a storyline that has basically already written itself, it seems full steam ahead for a sequel. But hold onto your horses, Apatow isn’t quite convinced it will actually happen, admitting that his “phone isn’t ringing.”

But with the way the world is right now, anything is possible. So fans, keep your fingers crossed.