Katy Perry teams up with ‘Pokémon’ to celebrate 25 years of good times

Pokémon is coming up on its 25th birthday and have asked Katy Perry to help them age gracefully. Crazy right?

In February it will be 9132 days since Pocket Monsters Red and Green were first slapped into Game Boys in Japan, and then Pokémon Red and Green made their way into America. They’ve now been played by every human under the sun, and even some fish.

In an ignorant assumption, I’d always thought that the trading card game came first, but TIL that is definitely not the case. Pokémon is by far the largest, longest running video game franchise the world over. As such, we can expect them to go hard to celebrate their quarter century.

Pokemon 25th Aniversary Logo

Katy Perry has signed on to help them release what will undoubtedly be one of the most popular songs of 2021 – a snippet of which can be heard at the end of the teaser trailer below.

This is the first instalment of something called P25 Music. What’s that? Well, right now, we don’t actually know a heap. What we we do know is that throughout the year there will be more announcements of premier collaborators for what sounds like an album featuring a bunch of artists signed to Universal Media Group alongside The Pokémon Company.

In addition to the music, we can expect an avalanche of content to remind us of the good times that these adorable scamps have brought to us.

This will include 25th Anniversary-Themed Trading Card Game sets out later this year, plus a year-long program for “fans to relive their journeys” through the regions of Pokémon, beginning with Galar and ending with Kanto from the original Pokémon Red and Blue games.

Finally there are activations planned for Pokémon animation, video games, mobile games including Pokémon GO and Pokémon Masters EX, and more big announcements from the franchise. Fans have a year full of new journeys ahead.

Sign me up, I’m ready to catch all of these good times, my body and ears are waiting.