Kendall Jenner’s post-break-up nude is on Instagram

Kendall Jenner is no stranger to the thirst trap but now that she’s single, things have gotten even saucier than usual.

Kendall Jenner has shocked fans by posting a naked photo to Instagram, just to really let folks know that she is indeed single.

The news came to light recently that Kendall and NBA star Devin Booker broke up and it looks like Kendall is handling it just fine.


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The reality TV star turned supermodel shared a series of pictures from her holiday on Instagram on Monday morning.

One of the images shows Kendall laying on a sun bed completely naked with her bikini on the chair next to her. It’s good to see she knows how to get an even tan.

Naturally, fans are in complete adoration, commenting about what a “hottie” Kendall is.

The rest of the pics are all pretty tame, showing Kendall horse riding, driving, making something (soap maybe?) and a plate of sushi. Yum!

You can see why she made the nude the first image of the carousel.

One commenter hit the nail on the head, writing: “Love me some breakup posts”.

Of course, because it is the internet, a couple of people weren’t too pleased with another comment reading: “Do you think it’s appropriate to post something like that,”

Some have even speculated that Kendall is breaking the Instagram guidelines by posting a nude at all but as you can clearly see in the picture, she carefully placed a black rectangle over her any potential nip slip.

Keep up the thirsty work, I say!