Kesha has made a song about the one and only Nicholas Cage

Kesha has made a song about the one and only Nicholas Cage

Kesha is one of many stars who have amped up their social media presence throughout the coronavirus pandemic. She began by showing the world a demonstration of how to effectively wash your hands to the tune of her 2009 hit, Tik-Tok.

Now, she’s written and released a song about the one and only, Nicolas Cage. We’re dead serious.

Kesha has written and released a song about actor and friend, Nicholas Cage. She has taken to social media to share an accompanying video. It’s absolutely hilarious.

Kesha shared the video, which includes a montage of scenes featuring Nicholas Cage and his many, many expressions, on Twitter and Instagram. Cage’s Kick-Ass line, “Good call, baby doll,” is heard a few times and the video also features Kesha herself, covered in glitter and singing along.

The song hints at Cage’s work in Leaving Las Vegas and National Treasure, with the lyrics: “I’m on vacation, Leaving Las Vegas/ Request my presence here’s the number call my agent.” 

As well as: “Bitch, I’m a National Treasure, I make it rain in the desert/ I got an octopus, I got a pyramid/ You think I’m extra? I’m on some Nicolas Cage shit.”

Earlier this year, the singer appeared at the premiere of Cage’s film Color Out Of Space, just so she could meet him. They’ve since developed a solid friendship, with Cage telling USA Today that, “Kesha is a great lady, and we had a lot of fun.”