Break free of the darkness: 'Kingdom Hearts' is coming to PC for the first time ever

Break free of the darkness: ‘Kingdom Hearts’ is coming to PC for the first time ever

Alerting all Kingdom Hearts heretics: thanks to Epic Games, the series is now coming to the PC for the first time ever on March 30th.

Epic Games has worked some magic and will officially bring the Kingdom Hearts series to the PC for the first time in the franchise’s history.

At the end of March, digital copies of the majority of games in the series will be made available by the video game developer and publisher.

kingdom hearts coming to pc

The Kingdom Hearts 1.5 and 2.5 Remix will set you back $74.95 AUD. Meanwhile, the Kingdom Hearts 2.8: Final Chapter Prologue and Kingdom Hearts 3Re Mind DLC will all cost $89.95 AUD per game.

Like other Square Enix titles such as Final Fantasy, this series is infamous for its immaculate world-building. Although it’s difficult to condense a whole novel’s worth of plot into a few sentences, at its most basic level this series follows the protagonist, Sora, on his quest to save his friends after being hit by a mysterious storm. He then goes on to cross over multiple Disney universes while battling the darkness that threatens to overwhelm everything.

This latest announcement has certainly been key to brightening the days of many fans. A large portion of them have taken to the internet to celebrate the new release on the PC platform.

Yet, perhaps because of Epic Games’ reputation, that praise isn’t stopping speculation.

Regardless of the storefront, it’s going to be a very welcome edition to the PC family.

The Kingdom Hearts games will be available to purchase on 30th March via the Epic Games Store.