Dive into escapism with KRUMPLE KRINK's new single 'Connected To Disconnection'

Dive into escapism with KRUMPLE KRINK’s new single ‘Connected To Disconnection’

Diving into the world of escapism with KRUMPLE KRINK’s latest single Connected To Disconnection.

Hailing from Perth is multi-instrumentalist and producer KRUMPLE KRINK, who has an uncanny knack for seamlessly blending elements of psych, indie, pop, and rock together,  to create absolute perfection. One of the latest examples of his brilliance is his latest single Connected To Disconnection, which is a track that recognises the escapism sought out by all of us humans, as a way to journey away from the mundaneness of our everyday lives.

krumple krink

Connected To Disconnection is a track that sees KRUMPLE KRINK meticulously layered sonics, and uneasy sound textures with vibrant electric instrumentation, building an immersive world of pure escapism for his audience.

The track was entirely produced and recorded in his home studio, where he worked tirelessly layering multiple tracks of instrumentation upon one another, just to find the right texture and timbre that encapsulates Connected To Disconnection. After finalising the production he joined forces with Rob Grant of Poons Head Studios (Tame Impala, POND), who handled the mixing and mastering. This produced KRUMPLE KRINKs latest masterpiece right before you, the perfect track to dive into the world of escapism, and shake free of those shackles that bind you to your everyday life.

With the thick and layered sonic world, Connected To Disconnection also cuts through with sharpness and brightness throughout, giving the audience healthy doses of calmness throughout the chaos. KRUMPLE KRINK stated, “Connected To Disconnection rides the line between chaos and calmness, blending extremity with serenity to give a feeling of intense bliss”.

With the track now being out in the world for the rest of us to enjoy, make sure you delve into escapism for a little treat from your mundane activities. You can stream Connected To Disconnection below via Spotify, and take a trip into the sonic world KRUMPLE KRINK has created.