Immersive Cinematic Reverie: Lana Del Rey Unveils ‘Candy Necklace’ Art Film

Ladies and gentlemen, gather ’round, for Lana Del Rey has graced us once again with her mesmerizing presence.

In Lana Del Rey’s latest artistic offering, the enchanting songstress presents a cinematic masterpiece that will transport you into a realm of profound introspection. “Candy Necklace,” a captivating track featuring the incomparable Jon Batiste, has been given the visual treatment it so richly deserves—a near-11-minute opus that will leave you breathless.

Under the masterful direction of Rich Lee, Del Rey embarks on a transformative journey, assuming the identities of Hollywood legends with an astonishing chameleon-like prowess. Witness her uncanny portrayal of the iconic Marilyn Monroe, as she gazes into the camera, draped in a wig that flawlessly emulates the blonde bombshell’s signature locks.

lan del rey new single

Vulnerability oozes from her words as she expresses her disdain for the superficialities and capriciousness that permeate the Hollywood ethos. “I just don’t know how to break free from this mechanized existence,” Del Rey bemoans, her voice resonating with profound introspection. Her resolve unyielding, she insists, “I need to capture these moments, to express myself without inhibition. The current paradigm no longer fulfills me.”

Amidst this visual feast, Lana Del Rey’s musical prowess reaches new heights, as “Candy Necklace” emerges as one of her most exquisite compositions to date. Utterly captivating, she croons, her melancholic tone perfectly encapsulating her feelings of desolation and distress. “Sittin’ on the sofa, feelin’ super suicidal,” she sings with a heartbreaking sincerity, before adding, “Hate to say the word, but, baby, hand on the Bible, I do. Feel like it’s you, the one who’s bringin’ me down.” Such raw emotion is an undeniable testament to Del Rey’s unparalleled artistry.

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And let us not overlook the remarkable achievement of Del Rey’s ninth studio album, “Did you know that there’s a tunnel under Ocean Blvd,” which ascended to the summit of the Australian charts with unwavering force. This album stands as a testament to her enduring creativity, cementing her status as a bona fide musical powerhouse.

Dear Happy listeners, it is with great pleasure that we present to you the auditory and visual treasures Lana Del Rey has bestowed upon us. Embark on this captivating journey, immerse yourselves in the depths of her artistic genius, and prepare to be forever changed.

Delve into the mesmerizing beauty of “Candy Necklace” and let the artistry of Lana Del Rey engulf your senses. Feast your eyes and ears upon this extraordinary creation, for it is an experience like no other.