Learn how to keep your fans engaged in tonight’s free workshop: Your Wider Community

Over the last month, Happy Mag and City of Sydney have been presenting a series of workshops named Building Your Creative Community. To date we’ve covered the basics of establishing and thriving amongst your local music scene, and tonight we put the final touches on the series with Your Wider Community.

The final workshop is all about your community of fans, friends, collaborators, and mentors. Learn how to keep your fans feeling loved, the best ways to work with others, and how to keep your community engaged in the early days and far beyond.

Happy Mag and City of Sydney Present: Your Wider Community

Now that you’ve established a community of friends, fans, and collaborators around your music, it’s time to sustain those relationships. Find out how in the free Your Wider Community workshop.

Happy Mag’s Music Editor Tom Cameron and News Editor Claudia Schmidt will be running the Your Wider Community workshop. Outside of their work with Happy Mag, both Tom and Claudia have played in a number of Sydney-based bands, engaging with the local music scene in a myriad of ways for many years between them.

Sydney musician Timi Temple will also be joining the workshop, sharing a few tips on how he keeps an active and healthy relationship with his fans online.

Your Wider Community is the fourth and final workshop in the Building Your Creative Community series, presented by Happy Mag and City of Sydney. All workshops will be streamed live via the Happy Mag Facebook page, meaning absolutely anybody is free to watch – any questions asked in the chat will also be answered during the stream.

Workshop Schedule

May 20 – Collaborating and Networking – WATCH
May 27 – Building Your Own Events – WATCH
June 3 – What Your Community Can Do For You – WATCH
June 10 – Your Wider Community – RSVP
June 12 – Pyjama Jam: Live at Your Place – RSVP