Led Zeppelin’s ‘Celebration Day’ is being streamed online for free this weekend

You’ll have just 72 hours to get your eyes around Led Zeppelin’s reunion concert Celebration Day which will be made available to stream on Youtube this weekend. Suddenly we are way more thirsty for the end of the week.

The stream will include footage and a full setlist of Celebration Day which was a monumental concert for the band.

Celebration Day was the first concert Led Zeppelin played after losing their legendary drummer, John Bonham.

The original concert went ahead on the 10th of December 2007 in London, almost three decades after losing drummer John Bonham, whose son accompanies the band for the reunion performance. The record Celebration Day was officially released in 2012 on vinyl and CD and features the entire sixteen songs in full – two encores and all.

Now you have precisely 72 hours to view the original 2007 concert on Led Zeppelin’s Youtube channel this weekend free of charge. Keep in mind the concert also includes the tracks Ramble On and For Your Life played for the first time for a live audience.

So stay tuned for this rare live stream, to feature on May 31st for us here in Australia. In the meantime, catch this 1968 audio recording of the band’s first-ever recorded performance.