DMA’s? Sticky Fingers? Let’s chat the secret headliner at BAD Friday 2018

Now in its ninth year, Bad Friday is nothing short of a Sydney Inner West phenomenon. The one-dayer has never disappointed, but kicked things into gear last year with performances from DMA’s, The Jezabels, Shining Bird and more.

And as with last year, they’ve seen fit to titillate us with the mention of a secret act. Who’s it going to be in 2018? Let’s check out the clues.

bad friday 2018 secret headliner

Chuck on the tinfoil hat. BAD Friday have upped the game with a secret headliner this year, and we have a few guesses who that might be.


As last year’s headliners, DMA’s are an easy ticket to figure out. It also means they’re probably not the number one choice, from BAD Friday’s point of view. Gotta change things up, you know?

That said, the boys are in the market for new fans with their upcoming record For Now due out April 27th, not one month after the festival kicks off. Just saying…


It doesn’t get much more Inner West than Horrorshow. As provisioners of the mighty One Day crew, they’re at the forefront when it comes to making sure us westies get the good times we deserve.

Also in the One Day cohort are Spit Syndicate, so don’t discount them as a possibility. BUT, our old mate Freddy Crabs (of Sticky Fingers fame) was snapped as part of Horrorshow’s live crew last year.

The very same Freddy Crabs who has featured very heavily in some BAD Friday promotional material. Which brings us to our next punt.

Sticky Fingers

Now this one’s a shot in the dark for sure, but imagine if you were there for the return of StiFi? The band have been nothing but quiet since a tumultuous breakup back in the tail end of 2016, but despite doing literally nothing they remained one of Australia’s most popular artists on Spotify last year.

The aforementioned Crabs is everywhere on the BAD Friday campaign. Either Sticky Fingers are playing, or they want us to think Sticky Fingers are playing.


Now this one may seem like an absolute pipe dream, but I reckon it’s actually one of the more likely scenarios on the list. The ‘mystery performance’ that was billed on last year’s BAD Friday turned out the be a supergroup performing their version The Last Waltz (the best concert film of all time).

Of course, there’s the whopping Sticky Fingers/Delta Riggs/The Jezabels/Gideon Benson combo that opened The Lansdowne last year. Maybe they’ve been cooking up another set of pub anthems to cover?


Whoever takes on the sacred top spot at BAD Friday 2018, you can bet you wont want to miss it.

The festival takes place in Marrickville on March 30. Score your tickets here.