Lil Nas X sends pizza to homophobic protestors

Lil Nas X sends pizza to homophobic hecklers, confesses his love for protestor

Lil Nas X has hilariously responded to the homophobic protestors who reportedly encircled his show in Boston.

In footage of the incident posted to social media, the protestors can be seen along the streets of Boston’s Fenway Park stadium, which was hosting Lil Nas X’s concert as part of his Long Live Montero world tour. The protestors appear to be holding religious-themed signs about ‘repenting’, with one man heard speaking of related topics into a microphone. 

In a typically-Lil Nas response to the clip — which was shared by a fan in the queue to his concert — the rapper revealed that he’d sent his team to deliver pizza to the protestors, before admitting that the commotion provided great promotion for his ongoing tour. Hours later, Lil Nas updated fans over on TikTok, sharing footage of a Montero entourage member ferrying the snack mid-protest. 

Credit: Getty Images

Just told my team to send them pizza,” Lil Nas Tweeted, “this is really good promo!”. In the subsequent video of the pizza delivery, the group can be seen declining Nas’ offer, as the microphone-wielding protestor replies, “we thank you and we appreciate, but no thank you.” Midway through the edited video, however, the camera pulls focus on one of the peripheral protestors as Sufjan Stevens’ love song, Mystery of Love plays in the background. 

Explaining the camera fixation in the accompanying caption, Lil Nas joked that “they didn’t want the pizza but i accidentally fell in love with one of the homophobic protestors.” Writing equally thirsty follow-up messages about the unknown protestor this morning, the rapper said that he “can’t stop thinking” about the “cute homophobic guy” before joking, “i’m nothing without him.”

Lil Nas X’s response to the homophobia is the latest in the rapper’s ongoing pattern of playful pushback against his critics. In 2020, Nas responded to backlash over his Old Town Road Grammy win by self-indulgently commending his own appearance on Twitter. Last year, meanwhile, the rapper addressed accusations he was pushing a “gay agenda” with the nudity-filled music video for Industry Baby, writing on Twitter that “if someone influences you to suck cock you probably already wanted to suck cock.” 

Lil Nas X’s Boston show forms part of his broader tour across North America, in support of his 2021 debut album, Montero. The US leg will next take the rapper across New York, Florida and California, before making a stop in Australia at the end of this year for both Lost Paradise and Falls Festival.