Lil Wayne cops fierce backlash after posting about Grammys snub

Lil Wayne has received huge backlash on a post about his Grammys snub, with followers calling him out for endorsing Trump.

The Grammys have come under a lot of fire recently for their questionable nominations. With The Weeknd openly calling the awards show “corrupt” after failing to receive a single nomination for his album After Hours and Ellie Goulding questioning the integrity of the selection process, the Recording Academy’s credibility has been slowly dwindling these past few months. Lil Wayne has jumped on the bandwagon as well, however, his critique hits different than the rest.

In a heartbreaking tweet, the American rapper questioned his worth as an individual and an artist after his new record, Funeral, was ignored by the nominations. His followers, however, weren’t very impressed.

lil wayne

Taking to social media, the rapper opened a dialogue with his fans earlier this week (December 20), asking if there was any particular reason why his record was snubbed at the 2021 ceremony.

“As an artist, when I see da Grammys coming up & I’m not involved nor invited; I wonder. Is it me, my musik, or just another technicality?” Wayne asked. “I look around w respect & wonder competitively am I not worthy?! Then I look around & see 5 Grammys looking bak at me & I go to the studio.”

However, his followers took the post as an opportunity to call out the rapper for his endorsement of Trump during the 2021 election and his attitude towards the Black Lives Matter movement.

Back in 2016, Wayne dismissed the Black Lives Matter movement during an interview with Nightline, commenting that there is “no such thing as racism.”

“I don’t feel connected to a damn thing that ain’t got nothin’ to do with me,” the rapper told interviewers. “If you do, you crazy as shit.” 

Funeral received one nomination for Best Recording Package, however, failed to reach the Academy’s bar when it came to the heavy-hitting categories.

As mentioned in his post, the artist already has five Grammys under his belt. These include; Best Rap Solo Performance for his track A Milli, Best Rap Song for Lollipop, and Best Rap Performance by a Duo or Group for Swagga Like Us.