Google searches for “liquor stores near me” hit record high on election day

“Who the hell doesn’t already have that information?” Google Trends have revealed some spicy news about America’s recent search history and the memes are *chefs kiss* golden.

Ready for some utterly relatable content? Google Trends have just outed the whole of America, revealing that searches for “liquor store near me” hit an all-time high yesterday night. It just so happens that this 5,000 percent spike in searches coincided with the ongoing and nail-biting US election.

In addition, searches for “fries near me”, “liquor store open near me right now”, and “wine near me” all broke records overnight, with “anxiety” reaching its Google personal-best on Tuesday.

liquor stores near me

Over the last 29 hours, the world has been on the edge of their seats, waiting, wondering for the results of the 2020 election. Due to an unprecedented amount of mail-in votes and the odd lawsuit, the results have unfortunately taken longer than usual. This delay has caused a lot of stress for many, non-Americans included. What’s one way to drown out stress? A cheeky six-pack.

As hilarious as it is grim, Google Trends’ news is one of the most relatable, meme-worthy morsels that has come from this election. Along with graphs that confirm the news, the engine revealed that searches for “move to Canada” and “fast food” skyrocketed overnight as well.

Apparently, the quest for the closest bevvy began in Delaware, with Georgia, Maryland, and Tennessee quickly following suit. Out of all the 50 states, Hawaii, Maine, Nebraska, and Iowa were the least alcohol-inclined out of the bunch.

Google has since urged users to check in on their friends and family during this stressful time.

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