LISTEN: Manning's 'Sleep Without You'

LISTEN: Manning’s ‘Sleep Without You’

Manning returns from his last offering, Get Gone, with a slick and catchy new single, Sleep Without You.

Manning has blessed our ears with yet another mesmerising hit, Sleep Without You. The track is for anyone who’s doing long-distance or experiencing significant time away from their partner. If that’s you, this song will wrap you up and let you get lost in all the feelings that come with that. 

Sleep Without You begins with crisp, brassy acoustic guitar fingerpicking, that oozes rustic and ecstatic force. It bends through the rest of the polished track as a potent palette. Manning’s lush vocals instantly soothe your soul, as his dreamy cadence jumps around in an almost hurry, crafted to sound expansive and whimsical.

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Steered by melodic vocals, the crystallizing sounds of the piano voyage through his confessions with a staccato punch and spine-tingling tendencies, as though shadows are dancing behind his voice. The second verse takes this feeling further into the wilderness, as he floats through it with urgent and restless lyrics, conveying breathless wonder and an affectionate punch.

Towards the end, Sleep Without You’s sound is coaxed in a neon-lit atmosphere as the piano and vocal harmonies synchronize and collapse in an outcry. His pastel-toned dollops of futurist sound explode through his puzzling feelings and leave a lucid trail. Alongside this amazing track, Manning has made a music video to go with it. It captivates you through quick intimate shots and quirky movements. It perfectly visualizes the anxieties that come with long-distance relationships. Check it out below!

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