You can now live next to Area 51 for a cool $4.5 million

An 80-acre cattle ranch adjacent to the ever-enigmatic Area 51 has just gone up on the market for $4.5 million.

When I think of extraterrestrial life, three places come to mind. Mars, The Bermuda Triangle, and of course, Area 51. It’s the military base that’s become the heartland of alien conspiracy theories.

An opportunity to be as close to the base as legally possible has arrived – but who will live up to their Kyle potential and swipe it?

Area 51
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Have you heard of the “world’s most photographed letterbox?” It’s a beaten up, dusty, black mailbox covered in alien memorabilia and stickers. It’s also the mailbox of the property adjacent to Area 51 – a.k.a, the place that will make or break your alien conspiracy theories. Don’t worry, we also like to believe Mewtwo is being stored there.

Anyway, if you want to see the mailbox with your own eyes, you’ll have to travel hundreds of miles into the Nevada desert on State Route 375.  But if you want to see the mailbox everyday? Well, now you can own it, for 4.5 million big ones.


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The property was purchased by couple Steve and Glenda Medlin in 1973, long before the US base earned its extraterrestrial status. The USA claimed 89,000 acres of public land for the facility (classic USA move right there). Yet, some of this land was where Medlin was keeping his cattle. Eventually, the US government and Medlin found a middle ground. Medlin was allowed to use that area for his cattle, as long as he contacted them with a government-provided radio beforehand. Talk about security.

Fast forward to 2020, and the Medlin’s are saying goodbye to their famous property. For 4.5 million, the new owners will have:

  • 80 cattle ranch
  • A permit to graze cattle
  • The famous black mailbox

Although a word of warning, conspiracy theorists and tourists are known to steal the mail, arrange meetings there, and of course, pray to see the aliens. The choice is yours.

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