MAMI releases alluring follow up single LET ME COME OVER

Indulge in the delectably ominous flirtation of MAMI’s LET ME COME OVER, a seductive sonic journey.

It was only seven weeks ago that R&B/electronic force MAMI released a fresh single – and now she’s back.

In collaboration with producer Chunkyluv, MAMI delivers a delectably ominous flirtation in the form of  LET ME COME OVER


MAMI pleads for her lover’s permission with diaphanous vocals over a thick bass synth; enticing in her conviction and darkly playful in its production, LMCO is as evocative as it is interesting.

Effective as both a pop song and sultry backdrop for something darker, LMCO shape shifts through genres with ease.

MAMI’s vocals are heady and powerful, carrying LMCO with confidence and haste; her point made within seconds and carried graciously through to the end of the two and a half minute track. 

Eerie beginnings evolve into a dance groove, the combination reminiscent of BANKS; a blend of light and dark that both renders you still and urges you to move. MAMI’s vocals offer sensual backflips along with immediate hooks.


This adds to MAMI’s fearlessness; her stance of undeterred dominance. The Sydney based songwriter seems wise beyond her years, a sense of actualisation of who she is and who she aims to be.

With a backlog of riveting singles and a clear musical evolution in the process, MAMI’s focus can be felt through the peaks and valleys of LMCO. MAMI operates with restraint in turn with her desperation, oscillating between the two effortlessly. 

A clear bond has been formed between MAMI and Chunkyluv, an understanding and the grace to experiment unleashing new sides of MAMI and her creativity, her ability to push herself into new sonic territory while committing to her wants with ferocity.

MAMI’s current trajectory seems fused with possibility; with unwavering confidence she solidifies herself as more than just someone to watch, but someone to really hear. LMCO is overt and charming, successful in its desire to be heard and obeyed.

Something about MAMI commands attention, and LMCO is no exception – in fact, it might be the most prime example of this stand out singer songwriter’s power. 

Listen to LET ME COME OVER below. 

Review by Caitlin Norris