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Sydney-born influencer Margaret Zhang becomes Vogue’s youngest Editor-in-Chief

Move over Anna Wintour, Vogue China has hired their newest Editor-in-Chief and she’s only 27. Meet fashion icon, Margaret Zhang!

All bow down to our newest queen, Margaret Zhang! The 27-year-old has been hired as the new head of Vogue China and, wow, we have never felt so impressed and unaccomplished at the same time.

Zhang, who was born in Sydney, has been a fashion blogger since the age of sixteen. Add model, photographer, styler, and writer to the list of her many talents, and you have one kickass boss woman. She shared the exciting news on Thursday with her 1.1 million Instagram followers. “What momentous news to be kicking off the New Year with: stoked to announce that I’ll be joining VOGUE China as their Editor-in-Chief,” she announced in her Instagram post.

Photo: Margaret Zhang/Instagram
Photo: Margaret Zhang/Instagram

Anna Wintour, the current Editor in Chief of Vogue, even commented that she was delighted to see Zhang in the position. “Her international experience, exceptional multiplatform digital expertise, and wide-ranging interests are the perfect combination to lead Vogue China into the future.”

Zhang wants to focus on two main areas of concern in her new role which are sustainability and diversity.“It’s not about having a green issue here or a sustainability conversation there. It’s about how you practise those principles, and it’s the same thing with diversity,” Zhang said.

A role model in the spotlight paving the way for young, powerful women, Zhang stated in her Vogue interview that she thinks “everyone who appears in Vogue China should be someone people can look up to in a really substantive way and who are driving innovation, regardless of what industry they’re in.”

Talk about the ultimate girl boss! Twitter is blowing up with congratulatory posts for the newly appointed fashion blogger. With many following her for over ten years since the beginning of her fashion blog, fans of hers are excited to see the well-deserved progress in her career.