Mark Crotti is spellbinding and nostalgic on ‘But We’re Moving On’

There’s nothing quite like a breakup song. Especially one drenched in confident solidarity and open-wounded candidness. From his transformative self titled EP, Sydney based Mark Crotti has released his leading single But We’re Moving On. 

Stripped of all stereotypical singer-songwriter cliches about the ocean, this one is grounded and honest.

But We’re Moving On is the latest indie-folk single from Mark Crotti; an honest ode to breakups that has none of the angst and all of the heart.

With a plethora of live videos online and two live albums, Mark Crotti clearly has the charisma for performance. Where this can sometimes compensate for lack lustre talent, acoustic studio recordings reveal all. Clear yet textural, Crotti’s vocals need no schmooze. But We’re Moving On is like a mezcal on the rocks. Convincing and smokey, perfectly measured.

A playful and dextrose plucking on the guitar holds together a deeply melancholic message. Crotti sings of that bitter-sweet time at the end of romance, where no love is lost:

“‘Cause it feels so wrong…Baby I still fucking love you, but we’re moving on.”

Lifting up into stunning falsetto moments, Crotti is confident in offering up some defining nuances. His lyrical poetry and frankness is captured in a graceful tonality. This one pulls all the heart-strings.

If you’re at all into a chilled-out Angus Stone, or the pop-sensibilities of Jack Johnson, Mark Crotti is a songsmith you’ll want to get to know. Welding together all the elements of indie-bliss, this anti-love song is to be savoured.

And the best part about this rising artist is that he promises never to do press shots in front of a laundromat.

Catch his full EP on Spotify and dive into some his demanding live performance of What Makes a Loser? below: