The Simpsons predict the future for the billionth time with Lady Gaga

Matt Groening once again proves he’s a time travelling wizard after Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl bungee

We’ve long known that the masterminds behind The Simpsons are gifted with the powers of foresight, but that doesn’t stop us from being surprised every time they do it. Do their predictions become more and more accurate each time? After Lady Gaga’s recent performance at the Super Bowl, we’re inclined to say yes.

Just look at this damn picture.

lady gaga the simpsons super bowl

Are the minds behind The Simpsons becoming better at predicting the future? Is Matt Groening an actual gypsy with a crystal ball in his office? Or is Lady Gaga secretly having a laugh?

From Donald Trump’s presidency to the entire plot of The Hangover, this marks the latest effort in a long line of predictions from Groening and his team.

Now Lady Gaga would most definitely have seen the episode of The Simpsons she featured in – it was almost entirely about her. Lisa Goes Gaga aired in 2012, a long, long time ago.

If the Just Dance superstar was aware of this long chain of Simpons foresight, it’s possible that she’s joining the bandwagon, knowingly propagating this myth which has been running for a number of years now.

Watch Lady Gaga perform Little Monsters for The Simpsons below:

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Via Consequence of Sound.