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Meet the DD-8 and DD-3T – the latest additions to the BOSS delay family

Ever since the birth of the DD-7, BOSS has stamped its authority on the art of delay. Their new DD-8 and DD-3T models look to take it one step further.

A bunch of fresh releases have come out of the BOSS workshop this year, including the ‘200’ stompbox and Nextone amp series. In keeping with the speedy schedule of innovative new releases, these delay pedals pack new features and even more power than their famed predecessors.BOSS DD-8 DD-3T

The benchmark for delay pedals just got even higher thanks to the new DD-8 and DD-3T. BOSS are pushing boundaries yet again.

These two pedals are essentially upgraded versions of the DD-7 and older DD-3 models. From the first look, the pedals seem to host the same chic blue and silver chassis as before. Although, you would be mistaken in thinking they haven’t changed in terms of functionality, the DD-3T makes an improvement on the original DD-3 with the addition of tap tempo and the ability to create delay effects of up to 800ms with your choice of three-beat subdivisions.

The DD-8 features tap tempo, an onboard looper, stereo ins and outs and support for external control. Most importantly though, are the pedal’s 11 delay modes. Analog, Standard, Tape, Warm, Reverse, +RV (digital delay with reverb), Shimmer, Mod, Loop, Warp and GLT.

In Warp mode, you can hold down the footswitch to create swell as the effect’s level and feedback increase. The GLT mode manipulates your delayed signal to add glitchy, machine gun effects, which if you turn the Feedback and Time controls up will give you a more extreme breakdown of sound.

Have a listen to the DD-8 below and see for yourself.

For more information visit the BOSS website.