“Mentally I’m here” is the latest meme to take hold of the internet

“Mentally I’m here” is the latest meme to take hold of the internet

During this pandemic, we’ve all wished to be elsewhere, far from reality. The new “mentally I’m here” meme makes that fantasy all too real.

We all know that not all memes are created equal (the “you son of a bitch, I’m in” meme is another recent standout). There are the lowest common denominator memes, lazily created for mass appeal. There are memes that go too far, such as the ones mocking the unfortunate mental instability of Kanye West. But occasionally, we get the oddly dark, extremely specific meme that offers a glimpse into our very own humanity.

Firmly existing in the latter category is the freshly emerging “mentally I’m here” meme. Let’s indulge, shall we?

mentally i'm here meme
Tweet – @cherryxblonde

Beginning on Twitter (because of course, it did), the “mentally I’m here” meme is rapidly becoming a mainstay meme format for the rollercoaster known as 2020. Escaping our physical limitations through mental disassociation? Best believe society is fucking here for it.

However, wherever your mind floats to is entirely up to you. For some, it’s Hogwarts and unhealthy marathons of the Harry Potter movies in a damp basement. For others, it’s a cow looking out into the sea in deep contemplation.

For me, it’s a concert gone by too quickly and a hazy train trip back home. For you, who knows? After a scan of Twitter’s darker corners, it seems quite a handful of people go to SpongeBob. Fair enough, I suppose.

Anyway, enough rambling. Us folks over at Happy have compiled some of the very finest examples for your own entertainment. We hope you relate, but not too much. If you need me, I’ll be enjoying the meme where New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern does a little dance. Godspeed.