This meme of Jacinda Ardern doing a “little dance” is absolutely golden

Across the waters, our neighbours New Zealand have the privilege of being led by Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern. Cue the green-eyed monster, the PM has made headlines for her being an all-round great leader – a Prime Minister actually liked by their people, who would have thought?

And now she really has reached legend status because she has officially become a dancing meme.

jacinda ardern meme little dance

After Jacinda Ardern admitted she did a “little dance” when NZ reached zero coronavirus cases, someone took it upon themselves to turn her into a meme.

Created by a YouTuber GCSbro, the user combined Arden’s face and the infamous Hugh Grant dance scene from Love, Actually to create this little piece of gold. Jacinda Ardern and Love, Actually in a meme together? It really doesn’t get much better than that.

So while Australia still isn’t virus free and we are still adhering to social distancing measures, take some time out to enjoy this little remix and stay positive during times which have been isolating and challenging for a lot of people.