Mr. Finn chat ‘Rainsticks’, friendship and their enduring “love for classic rock”

“We naturally end up blending all our individual inspirations into one unique sound,” Brisbane band Mr. Finn said. 

Last year, we were treated to the lush psych-rock of Mr. Finn’s debut single Rainsticks.

Drawing inspiration from the evocative soundscapes of Tame Impala and shoegaze flairs of Slowdive, the single kickstarts what feels like a breakout moment for the Brisbane four-piece. 

mr finn

So feverish was our response to the track that we simply had to catch up with Mr. Finn for a deep dive into Rainsticks, their “huge love for classic rock,” and the affirming power of creating art “as four best friends.”

Catch our full interview with Mr. Finn below, and scroll down to listen to their debut single Rainsticks.  

HAPPY: What are you up to today?

MR. FINN: Today we are jamming in preparation for two gigs we have coming up this weekend! We are supporting psych pop group The Dharma Chain Friday night at Mos Desert Club House and playing with Brisbane’s Arugula at Rics on Saturday. 

HAPPY: Can you tell us a little about where you are from and what the scene is like?

MR. FINN: We are from Meanjin/Brisbane! The music scene is so wonderful here, all the bands are so inclusive and supportive, we are starting to find our place within the community. 

mr finn

HAPPY: What inspired the band to create “Rainsticks,” and how would you describe the overall vibe and feel of the song?

MR. FINN: Rainsticks was the first song we jammed together as a band, its inspired by feelings of altered states, depicting its highs and lows. We would describe the song to be a feel-good and comforting psychedelic song. 

HAPPY: Can you talk about the collaborative process within the band and how each member contributes to shaping the sound of Mr. Finn?

MR. FINN: In Mr Finn each person writes their own part, usually inspired by a riff or structure brought in by a member. We then workshop it together building off each other’s innovations and melodies. 

HAPPY: “Rainsticks” is described as seamlessly transitioning between different moods. How do you approach creating a track that can be both calming and upbeat?

MR. FINN: To be honest we never intended to create a track that has various moods, I guess it came about naturally and we just wrote what flowed.

We wouldn’t say there’s a particular approach to creating a calming and upbeat track, more just a focus on feel and storytelling. 


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HAPPY: The band draws from a variety of influences, including Tame Impala and Slowdive. How do you blend these inspirations to create your own unique sound?

MR. FINN: We never intentionally draw off of a specific band, so we naturally end up blending all our individual inspirations into one unique sound. 

HAPPY: The production of “Rainsticks” is praised for its balance between precision and poetry. Can you share insights into how you approach the production process to achieve this balance?

MR. FINN: In terms of its lyrical production, the ‘poetry’ of our songs is more seen as a description that accompanies an art work (instrumental), so it’s easy to coordinate the two in the song’s final production – as one is never taking away from the other. 


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HAPPY: The mention of international inspirations like Wolf Alice, Mazzy Star, and The Brian Jonestown Massacre adds depth to your musical palette. How do these influences impact your creative direction?

MR. FINN: These bands aid us in creating a unique sound as they are not considered classically psychedelic, so when we take inspiration from them we end up creating almost an entirely new blend of genres.

For example, our bass player takes huge inspiration from Talking Heads, bringing funky rhythmic bass lines into our ‘shoegazey sound’ – forming an experimental blend. 


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HAPPY: As the band’s music is described as a nod to the golden era of rock, how do you infuse elements from the past while keeping your sound fresh and relevant?

MR. FINN: We all have a huge love for classic rock music, but also keep up with loads of new local bands. We also use neo-psychedelic pedals such as phaser and flanger, bringing a fresh sound to otherwise classic riffs. 

HAPPY: What makes you happy?

MR. FINN: Having the opportunity to write these songs as four best friends and feeling comfortable sharing it with everyone that watches and listens to us! As well as the constant support and warmth we get from the Meanjin music scene.