My Bloody Valentine team with Supreme for new clothing collection

A surprising new collaboration between My Bloody Valentine and Supreme sees the number one streetwear brand of this generation teaming up with Dublin-based rock icons.

The British-Irish quartet have joined forces with the billion-dollar clothing brand, and licensed the artwork from their iconic album covers to create a set of hoodies, shirts, and T-shirts.

Streetwear giant Supreme teams up with 90’s indie-rock icons My Bloody Valentine to unveil a dreamy new clothing collection.

The garments will feature a classic boxed prints of the bands trippy album covers. The hazy graphics featured are from album covers 1988 EP Feed Me With Your Kiss, 1990’s Glider EP, as well as Angus Cameron and the band’s Loveless cover.

 The youth-focused brands founder, James Jebbia, envisions Supreme through a musical lens, as he told Vogue back in 2017; “My thing has always been that the clothing we make is kind of like music”.

In that respect, it makes sense Supreme to partner with My Bloody Valentine. They may not be the most influential 90s alternative band and they don’t boast the same cult-following as say, Nirvana, but their ethereal dreamlike style, both musically and in fashion, and undeniable influence on the shoegaze subgenre make the collab a good fit.

Supreme describes how: “My Bloody Valentine has influenced generations of musicians and audiences. The band forged new possibilities in how to make noise music, as well as how to listen to and experience it.”

At least this collab is exciting for streetwear fanatics and music-lovers alike. Supreme’s cult following of clout-chasing collectors has encouraged a culture of reselling that often sees ridiculous products being sold for thousands more than retail price. Like a Supreme branded brick (yes, you did read that correctly) coming in at $1000. Or the Supreme x Oreo cookies – selling for an astronomical $17,000 on eBay. Money seems no object for these wannabe hypebeast collectors who’ll pay just about anything to get their hands on merch embossed with the infamous red and white spell out logo.


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My Bloody Valentine/Supreme. 04/23/2020

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Have a flick through the dreamy line which is dropping in two days and pick which is going straight in your basket.