These Oreos are going for an insane $17,000 on eBay

Because it’s 2020 and reality doesn’t mean anything anymore, Supreme-branded Oreos are currently on sale for up to $17,000 on eBay. The clout-chasing streetwear brand teamed up with the American biscuit chain to create a line of red and white, double stuffed (obviously), logo-embossed biscuits.

The collaboration was announced last Monday, no doubt making hypebeasts everywhere scream in excitement. Don’t worry kids, all you need to do is trade in your car and this delicious snack can be yours!

Photo: Oreo

The Supreme x Oreo collab that literally nobody asked for has launched, and someone bid $17,000 for a pack on eBay.

The clothing brand partnered with the beloved cookie chain as part of its SS20 collection, releasing the Oreos at their New York and Soho stores. It wasn’t long before the *extremely rare* snacks appeared online. Despite originally retailing for $8, someone genuinely bid $17,000 to get their hands on the red and white confections to, no doubt, add to their shrine of Supreme merch.

Amongst other things, the SS20 collection also treated customers to Supreme branded BMX bikes, bike helmets, padlocks, and chest protectors. Soon enough, your entire life will have the little red and white logo attached.

Check out some of the best reactions to the release:


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Supreme x Oreo Cookies are already on eBay with bids upto $15,999 Click the link in bio for more information and also links to the listing to see what they eventually sell for

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