Mysterious video all but confirms Tool will tour Australia next year

Our favourite mysterious rock gods Tool have had a massive 2019 with the release of their first album in thirteen years, Fear Inoculum

Hate them or love them, now it appears that Tool may be on the verge of announcing an Australian tour. 

tool australian tour

After a cryptic video appeared on Frontier Touring’s Facebook page yesterday, fans are confident that a 2020 Tool tour is on its way to Australia’s major cities as well as New Zealand. 

The mysterious message read: “Perth, Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Auckland, February 2020”, with the caption #FollowTheEvidenceAUNZ.

Although the video did not specify any particular bands or artists, fans have been quick to jump on board and start following the evidence. It has been quickly pointed out that the font used in the video is the very same typeface that Tool used on the front cover of latest album Fear Inoculum, released back in August.

There have been a frenzy of comments on the post, with fans collectively guessing that the legendary alt-rock lords are in fact the band teased in the video. 

Fans have good reason to be excited because the evidence sure does point towards Tool gracing our shores in the not too distant future. Tool hasn’t visited us since their last Australian tour way back in 2013, so fingers crossed we haven’t got ourselves excited over nothing. 

This year has been huge for Tool for more than one reason. On top of their new album, the group also released their entire back-catalogue to streaming platforms as well as a number of high definition music videos to Youtube

Check out Frontier Touring’s cryptic video below: