The Fleetwood Mac TikToker is launching a line of boozy cranberry juice

Social media sensation, Nathan Apodaca, is launching a line of alcoholic cranberry juice.

The TikTok skateboarder is using his voice and platform as the unofficial  ‘mac cranberry’ to advertise a new product called ‘Cranberry Dreams Cosmos’, an alcoholic cranberry juice produced by drink company BeatBox Beverages.

Apodaca’s role in the product’s rollout will see him displayed on various promotional material such as colourful in-store displays, social media posts and a commercial which (according to TMZ) has already been shot.

BeatBox Beverages
Photo: BeatBox Beverages/Forbes

In it, Apodaca will be seen “riding a skateboard with some drinks”.

‘Cranberry Dreams Cosmos’ is one of several drinks that the company produces. The others include “tropical punch, fruit punch, pink lemonade, peach punch, fresh watermelon and blue razzberry”.

The company prides itself on creating drinks that can be “consumed on … [their] own or mixed into a punch” with a higher alcohol content (11.1 per cent ABV) than their competitors. As of now, the new drinks will only be sold in the US “at most Kroger’s … as well as Circle K and other select retailers.”

“This isn’t a one-off pay-to-play kind of thing with Nate [Apodaca]. Nate is really a partner in this product,” said Zech Francis, investor of partnerships and business development at BeatBox Beverages.

In 2020, Apodaca (more commonly known as Doggface208 on TikTok) rose to social media superstardom after a video of him skateboarding while singing Fleetwood Mac’s Dreams and drinking cranberry juice went viral.

The video was an instant hit online, racking up “over 4 million views and 950,000 likes” in the first 20 hours of its release. Mick Fleetwood himself showed his appreciation for the video by recreating it for the internet to enjoy.

The sudden interest in one of the most chilled-out people on the internet led Ocean Spray (the cranberry juice manufacturers and Apodaca’s supplier for his video) to reach out to Apodaca, featuring him on the company’s website and gifting him with a red truck filled with bottles of their tartly sweet drink.

For those of you lucky enough to purchase them, ‘Cranberry Dreams Cosmos’ will go on sale this Sunday.