New Jersey highway comes to a stop after UFO sighting, only to later find out it was a blimp

A plethora of videos and clips showing a mysterious flying orb that left onlookers shocked turned out to be the Goodyear blimp, not a UFO.

On Monday, a short clip of a supposed UFO sighting went viral on TikTok. Residents from New Jersey were freaking out after they saw what appeared to be a flying saucer just off in the distance from the Route 21 highway. The video racked up 4 million views and more than 600,000 likes less than a day after it was posted.

The clip showed cars pulled over on the highway with onlookers observing and recording the UFO from the side of the road. Well, turns out it was really just a Goodyear blimp, how disappointing. But fair play to the people who believed it was an Unidentified Flying Object because as you can see from the clip, that blimp looks damn near identical to a flying saucer – it’s even glowing, c’mon.

UFO sighting New Jersey

In another clip posted to Twitter, you can hear the astonishment in the man’s voice, who is clearly bewildered stating: “look the whole street has fucking stopped! It’s a fucking flying spaceship!” He continues to pan his camera around to show other dumbfounded civilians pulling over to the side of the road and getting out of their cars to look at what was really just a blimp.

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With everything that 2020 has thrown at us so far, I suppose it doesn’t seem too far out of the norm that extraterrestrial life might decide to come and check out the shitshow. In fact, it almost seems reasonable that this was indeed the moment that the aliens chose to reveal themselves to us…

But alas, it was just the famous Goodyear blimp making its way over to the Meadowlands Sports Complex to check out the football game, glowing eerily in the afternoon sunset.