Some legend has turned 50,000 hours of UFO videos into a searchable database

Good news for anyone who believes that we’re not alone in the universe, some absolute hero has just turned 50,000 hours of UFO podcasts into a searchable database.

A ufologist known as Isaac Koi has spent the last seven months using auto-transcription software to transcribe two million pages of UFO podcasts and videos.


A British man has turned 50,000 hours of UFO-related audio into a searchable database, and hopefully, now we can work out where the hell everyone is.

This is a big win for anyone looking to do research into the topic (as most UFO researchers are avid amateurs). Rather than having to listen through to thousands of hours of audio, now interested parties can easily search through the database for certain topics.

As well as being a UFO enthusiast, Koi is also a barrister in England. Speaking on the project, he described: “Solving UFO cases is often like putting together a jigsaw but without having all the pieces. The gaps can make it difficult to see the whole picture.

“Those gaps in available information often result in a lot of unproductive arguments between skeptics and UFO researchers,” Koi continued. “By making it easier to find at least some further relevant information, researchers see more of that whole picture or at least find avenues to explore to resolve disputes.” 

You can check out Koi’s project over at the discussion forum on, where Koi goes into more detail about the project and includes a table of contents for the database.

Koi has previously worked for the Archives for the Unexplained, a site which looks into worldwide unexplained phenomena, plus many other projects involved in the digitisation of information surrounding UFOs.

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