‘No Nuance November’: TikTok’s latest trend, explained

In response to ‘No Nut November’, TikTok users are presenting their hot takes without any context, in a trend dubbed ‘No Nuance November’.

‘No Nuance November’ is the latest craze sweeping through TikTok, with users presenting their hot takes, which range from completely outrageous to incredibly wholesome. The hashtag was created in response to the popular (and somewhat less wholesomely-motivated) act of avoiding masturbation for the month, known as ‘No Nut November’.

Notable figures are providing said hot takes, such as Hank Green, who racked up 3 million views for a rant about how fruit juice has the perception of being healthy, even though it contains the same amount of sugar as Coca Cola. Me too Hank, me too.

TikTok No Nuance November

The posts under the hashtag have been viewed nearly 400 million times, and the subject matter discussed in videos ranges from bland to juicy.

Started in response to the right-wing-associated ‘No Nut November’ challenge, the initial ‘No Nuance November’ creator, a man named Tomás (@abolish_ice), took to Tiktok on November 2 to outline the rules and present his first short take.

@abolish_iceNNN? No Nuance November? Day 1 (or 2?) #leftism #politics #anarchism #communism #maga #bluelivesmatter #blacklivesmatter #blm #alm #acab #1312 #trump♬ Lofi – Domknowz

The further you scroll, the more you realise there is infinite potential for sharing amazing ideas – and equally, terrible ones. Here are a few of our favourites:

@ediblesrexi saw @sativaplath69 do this and then *I* wanted to do it too ##nonuancenovember ##hottakes♬ Dance of the Dead – Timothy Chooi

@flossybaby##nonuancenovember♬ original sound – jay

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