No thanks! Japanese engineers have unleashed a 60-foot, walking robot

Japanese engineers have just created the biggest flex known to the robotics world. The walking robot in question was modelled after Gundam from the popular TV series and manga of the same name.

Yes, this is real life. It’s Transformers the sequel, just without Shia LaBeouf. A huge, 18-metre tall, walking robot has taken its first steps after months of production in Japan’s Gundam Factory.

Set for its official debut in October this year, the robot managed to draw a massive crowd just by giving its limbs a good old flex.

Crowds were understandably fixated as the robot lifted and powered its legs in testing for its real deal debut later this year. The robot is expected to bring in some major tourism for the city, slated to be up and wandering around in no time at all. My bet is that this robot is going to be a hit! Besides, the series that our metallic friend is based on has returned $5 billion and is sitting as the 15th highest-grossing media franchise in the world.

Footage captures the robot stretching its long legs but the grand opening will prove whether or not roboticists were able to achieve their goal. That is if coronavirus doesn’t ruin the spotlight for Gundam ahead of the grand opening.

Stay tuned for more, in the meantime enjoy the currently headless Gundam in all its glory.