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Xbox Series X will support old controllers for all new games

A new gaming controller comes hand-in-hand with its console and Microsoft’s Xbox Series X is no exception. And when any new console is announced, the question of backwards compatibility is one that’s always asked.

As confirmed by an official announcement, the new console will be backwards compatible with all Xbox One controllers across all games. This will be different from the PS5, where the PS4 controllers will only be able to play PS4 titles.

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Xbox Series X has announced backwards compatibility for all Xbox One controllers, in stark contradiction to a recent PS5 announcement.

Xbox fans will not be forced to purchased additional devices as their current Xbox One controllers are still compatible with the new console. This tongue-in-cheek response to the PS5’s inability to play new releases with older generation consoles has left Xbox fans rejoicing.

As the Xbox One was not backwards compatible with the Xbox 360 controllers, this may mark a whole new precedent for the console’s future.

However, fans are also skeptical towards the new controllers, given expectations are always high between the PlayStation and Xbox communities. Although it’s never black and white, a backwards compatible console can be an indicator that the next-generation machine lacks the technology and innovations to be ahead of its competitors.

A user on Twitter responded to the announcement with, “Xbox Series X does absolutely nothing to advance the controller experience. This tweet is literally bragging about Series X using an Xbox One controller”, which may be true to a certain extent.

The Xbox Series X controller features a re-designed D-pad and share button along with a few other performance enhancing updates. These improvements are definitely noticeable, but not a revolution in any way. On the other hand the PS5 may not be backwards compatible, but its console looks and feels completely new.