Trump channels Bob Dylan in new campaign ad, gets rightfully blasted on Twitter

Trump channels Bob Dylan in new campaign ad, gets rightfully blasted on Twitter

Donald Trump is back on the 2020 election campaign hustle after White House strategists broke out of hiatus to resell America’s biggest doofus as the best option for Prez.

The team has come back with maybe the only Trump decision we can back; which is that the only way to bring together a nation is with a bit of Bob Dylan. But alas, it totally hasn’t worked and, as always, the internet has done what it does best and roasted the heck out it.

Donald Trump campaign ad

After a brief hiatus, the Trump re-election campaign is back, trying to win over a divisive and disease-ridden America with a bit of Bob Dylan in a new anti-Bidden ad.

That’s right, channelling Dylan’s ’65 single Subterranean Homesick Blues, the clip features an *apparently legit* Trump supporter who is using written cards to communicate instead of speaking. You know, kind of like that one scene in Christmas rom-com, Love Actually. You know the one.

Anyway, the whole thing is meant to be a heaps deep metaphor for the Trump supporters being the “silent majority” – kind of like how ScoMo loves to call Liberal voters the “quiet Australians”. The new tagline is kind of cute but definitely a questionable rebrand of the notoriously outspoken and aggressive pro-Trump side.

In reality, this new framing is an all-out effort to hide the fact that the Trump campaign is losing its grip on once deadset Republican stronghold States. This is occurring amidst the President’s blundering of the coronavirus pandemic which has crippled the country, with 4.8 million confirmed cases and counting and a death toll about to eclipse 160,000.

The Trump campaign has been trying to mask the corona sitch all of July, with zero counts of the public health crisis mentioned in any of the White House promotional videos. In this new one, the President’s team have really doubled down, still ignoring the pandemic, and instead shifting the direction to a shameless attack on presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, Joe Biden.

One card flipped reads the not so subtle dig: “I’m scared to say this out loud… I won’t risk my children’s future with Biden.”

However, the clip hasn’t exactly resonated with voters the way Trump’s strategist might have hoped and has been absolutely roasted online for its blatant snub of the coronavirus havoc. In response, the Twitter account Republican Voters Against Trump have premiered their own version of Trump’s Bob Dylan-esque clip, hijacking the cards for some excellent content:

In response to the new ads, a Joe Biden campaign spokesman described: “The American people know Joe Biden. And after seven consecutive months of failed leadership during the worst public health crisis in generations, they know that our nation’s capacity to join the rest of the world in beating back COVID-19 has been crippled by one overriding burden: Donald Trump.”