Holy cow: NSW now allowed 500 people to gather for outdoor gigs

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian has announced that outdoor gatherings of up to 500 patrons will commence from Friday, October 16.

Eyoooo! In what is exciting news for gig-goers, music fans, and anyone that likes to go outside, the NSW Government is allowing the current COVID-19 restrictions to ease to allow more punters to attend outdoor gigs and gatherings. Social distancing will still be paramount; however, these new rules allow up to 500 people to attend outdoor gigs, whereas before it was limited to just 20.

Unfortunately, people will still have to be seated, as there is to be no mingling allowed. But hey, we’ll take what we can get. The current restrictions will ease and new regulations come into play this Friday, just in time for the weekend and to gather the crew and devise some spring plans.

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The ABC reported that whilst more people will be allowed to attend outdoor seated music performances, event-goers will still be subject to the strict 4-square-metre rule. However, according to the State Government, this easing of COVID-19 restrictions will “make a huge difference to the ambience of Sydney.”

Premier Gladys Berejiklian said: “While we are concerned with the emerging clusters we do feel confident enough that from Friday, outdoor venues will be able to have 2 square metres outside, in preparation for summer”.

The premier, who is well-known for the crackdown in NSW regarding live music and lockout laws, said that she recognises the importance of opening up live gigs in outdoor venues across the state, giving the suffering industry some much-needed support following the pandemic which has caused significant revenue loss.

“This is a big boost for our music industry with more people in NSW able to enjoy music in the outdoors over the summer,” she said in a press statement.

So raise a glass and get planning your next gig!