NSW Police issue $1 billion worth of fines last year, despite lockdown

NSW Police record their highest ever year of revenue in 2021, despite the entire state doing it tough in lockdown.

The NSW police aren’t doing their reputation of systemic racism and strip-searching minors any favours, handing out nearly $1 billion worth of fines in 2021.

In a year where everyone was isolating at home and roads were clearer than they’ve been in decades, you’d think the police would have issued a record low number of fines. But somehow the boys in blue found a way to hand out 3.2 million individual fines – far more than the state has ever issued.

Unmarked speed camera | Via 9News

So while the entire state was struggling to earn an income, and small businesses were closing down everywhere you looked, our heroic officers protected their citizens by removing all signage from mobile speed cameras.

1.3 million fines from speed cameras were issued last year so they were a handy source of revenue. But 76 per cent of those fines were handed out to drivers travelling less than 10km/h over the speed limit.

Then there were the hefty COVID related fines that we could never keep track of because the Government tiptoed around any clear logistics. Criminal lawyer Sam Macedone told 9News“Let’s face it, our public health orders changed about 10 times every three or four weeks, so it was very difficult to keep up with what the law was.”

But hey, at least they’ll have enough money to pay their cringe-inducing Facebook meme team.