The Mighty Plug by NUX is the ultimate portable rig

The Mighty Plug from NUX is an incredibly portable device that lets guitarists and bassists jam and practise in blissful silence. 

NUX has released the Mighty Plug, the “best silent amp experience ever“. It’s a small device that plugs directly into a guitar or bass output and is listened to through headphones. 

The Mighty Plug is packed with features to make the silent practise experience as true to the stage as possible. It has 13 amplifier models, 20 IR files and 19 different effects. The various parameters are controlled remotely via Bluetooth. There are dedicated bass and guitar channels with features specific to either instrument.

Mighty Plug Nux

There are built-in acoustic guitar IR models and acoustic guitar amps that closely simulate real acoustic guitars — all of which is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that boasts a 3-hour life span. There are 10 built-in drum machines from various genres that are designed to help you get into the groove.

The Mighty Plug also comes with an audio streaming function that lets you directly record to your computer without using an audio interface, with connection provided via USB. Other noteworthy additions to this pocket-sized rig include a metronome, a noise gate and NUX TS/AC true simulation.

To find out more head over to the NUX website.