Oscar Jerome takes aim at climate denialists with bright new tune ‘Sun For Someone’

South London maestro Oscar Jerome has hit us with a new track named Sun For Someone. The tune is bright sounding, but a poignant commentary on climate change and specifically, climate denialists.

A key figure in South London’s world-renowned contemporary jazz scene, Jerome’s blend of hip-hop, soul, and classical guitar elements has earned him respect from around the globe. He counts Thundercat and Kamasi Washington amongst his fans, the latter inviting him on tour in 2019.

oscar jerome Denisha Anderson sun for someone
Photo: Denisha Anderson

Oscar Jerome has blessed our ears with another breezy track. Sun For Someone layers bright guitar lines over carefree percussion and a deeply-felt environmental message.

“Melancholy evidence/happily berate their ignorance/the earth will sigh as it watches us die along with our belligerence,” sings Jerome after an opening chorus, taking aim at those who ignore the increasing evidence for a climate emergency.

In the face of what some ignore, yet some call a climate crisis, a number of contemporary musicians are placing environmental missives at the heart of their art. The 1975 and Fatboy Slim have both integrated quotes from Greta Thunberg into singles and live shows respectively, while artists on a local Australian scale such as Lime Cordiale and SCABZ have recently released songs that provoke climate-related conversations.

Meanwhile Coldplay have vowed not to tour until the act becomes eco-friendly, and Massive Attack have commissioned a study into the possibility of carbon-neutral touring. It’s an issue at the centre of our world, and no doubt inspiring some great music from Oscar Jerome and the music scene at large.

Sun For Someone comes side-by-side with a video from London-based production agency Sonder, directed by Joel Barney and starring dancers Antoine Thomas-Sturge and Mukeni Nel.

Sun For Someone comes in hot as Jerome puts the last layers of gloss on his upcoming debut album. Studio album, that is – he released a live album titled Live In Amsterdam in October 2019. On why he chose to release that before anything from the studio, he told us:

“The ‘live’ thing has always been an integral part of what we do and I always want people to understand how it’s a very different experience. I’ve come from a jazz background so the improvisation doesn’t always come off in a song that is quite produced.”

Jerome’s newest track builds upon his reputation for jazzy tunes that flow like silken liquid, earworms that you won’t be mad to be infected by. News has yet to come surrounding a release date or finer details for the debut album, so for now, enjoy Sun For Someone and keep an ear to the ground.


Sun For Someone is out now via Caroline.